It's a new year and a new you - with the same needs enhance operations and customer service. As we shelf 2012 and delve into 2013, here's a look back at your peers' favorite content from the past year.

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Checklist: Best Practices for a Tenant Service Delivery Program

A cheat sheet to improve property performance, keep tenants happy, and ultimately make your building more attractive than the competitor next door.

Webinar: Conquering the Code - Assessing the Condition of Your FLS Systems

Peter Harrod, VP of Code Consulting and Fire Engineering at Cosentini Associates, shares how to recognize deficiencies in your equipment, identify code violations, and plan the changes that will attract and retain tenants, mitigate risk and position your property for resale!

Blog Post: The Secret to Mobile Property Management

In order to create true unity between a mobile device and an organization's workflow, the technology must support it - at all time. Here's the key to a mobile strategy that empowers your team with accurate and timely data.

Benchmark Survey Report: Service Responsiveness

Service responsiveness is critical to a positive tenant experience. How does your service compare to your peers and industry top performers? This compilation report aggregates responses and identifies Best Practices you may want to consider.

Building Engines Kit: Emergency Preparedness

Don't wait until you are hit by a Black Swan Event - take steps to prepare your building before the unexpected occurs. Assess your readiness with a checklist, blog posts, webinar and more.

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