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Open for Business: Communications & Contingency Plans Key to Preparedness

Insights on building and communicating a preparedness plan from Building Engines' client and SVP of Beacon Capital Partners, Joe Donovan. Inlcuding, the importance of running Tabletop Excercises and how Beacon became the only real estate company in the U.S. to receive the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Safety Act designation.

Checklist: Suggested Security & Response Measures

BOMA International's list of security and emergency response measures sorted by little or no cost action items to those that may bear some cost.

Proactive vs. Reactive Security

The key to an effective security process is having the appropriate mix of physical security, electronic security, and personnel to meet security goals. Performing a risk asessment ensures a proactive approach to crime and loss prevention.

Resource Guide

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Video Case Study:
Cook County Chicago

By David Howarka, EVP, Real View, LLC

Review the emergency response deficiencies and pre-planning mistakes that led to the deaths of six people and a $100,000,000 Settlement paid by the Building Owner, Manager and the city of Chicago.

        Assess your level of readiness today!

  • Checklist: General items that should be included in your emergency pre-plan


Hurricane Tabletop Exercise

This exercise takes your team through a realistic disaster scenario and facilitates a discussion of how your organization would plan, protect, respond and recover. The PPt. includes full instructor’s notes so you can self-facilitate the exercise internally.

Industry Information Sources:

Federal Emergency Management Agency • Training Programs

Ready Business

Preparedness, LLC 

American Society of Industrial Security

Building Engines Emergency Preparedness Kit


Risk and Life Safety- Cook County Case Study

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 Tip Center

Update your building's emergency plan to prepare for extended power loss due to disasters.

Prepare for Utility Disruptions:

  • Checklist: 12 items to provide to emergency responders in advance
  • Sample Plan: Business Continuity & Disaster Preparedness